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New Harry Potter Covers!

On the 1st September (when else would you be going back to Hogwarts?) a new set of the HP books will be released with brand new cover illustrations by Jonny Duddle. As well as that there will be an updated version of J.K Rowling’s biography as well as snippets from Pottermore.

So far only Philosopher’s Stone has been revealed and I really like it. I think that it captures the essence of the book really well and I’m glad that they chose the boat scene where Harry sees Hogwarts for the first time as it is very powerful. It will also re-create the excitement that we felt when we first delved into that awe-inspiring world and do the same for the next generation of fans.

What do you think?


Hermione Granger and the time J.K Rowling decided I’d married the wrong man.

Yesterday I found out about the interview Emma Watson did with J.K Rowling for Wonderland magazine which Emma guest edited this week. I’m always excited for new Harry Potter news but I, and many other fans, have been deeply disappointed by the revelation that came out of it.

J.K Rowling has revealed that she thinks that Hermione should have ended up with Harry and not Ron. I vigorously disagree. Throughout the books you can see how the Trio’s relationships develop with each other and they are very different as they rely on each other for different things. ( Harry needs Hermione for perspective, Hermione needs Harry to treat her as an equal, Harry needs Ron to feel normal and part of a family, Ron needs Harry to feel special and an individual, Ron needs Hermione to grow, and Hermione needs Ron for perspective and to let go sometimes.)

Within the books there is never an inkling of romance between Harry and Hermione because Rowling wrote it like that. One of my favourite things about this series is that it didn’t follow the trope of the hero ending up with his best friend. It was nice to see that they could have such a strong friendship that never led to them wanting to make out with each other. Harry even told Ron that he saw Hermione as a sister which just intensifies their relationship. Harry didn’t need Hermione to be in love with him, he just wanted to be loved by her and Ron. To be part of a family.

Most people think that Ron isn’t deserving of Hermione and maybe they’re right but she still chose him. Just because Harry is “the hero” doesn’t mean that he deserves her either, he can be just as grumpy, selfish, and idiotic as Ron. I think the point I’m trying to make is that Hermione is not a prize and I’m disappointed that Rowling felt that she should have been rewarded by ending up with Harry.

P.S: This isn’t the best written post but I just wanted to share my opinion. I don’t want to put down people who ship Harry with Hermione, this is just my view.

Dear Jane Austen,

Happy Birthday!

Despite only having read two (possibly three, not sure if I finished Sense & Sensibility or I just know the movie really well… Will have to re-read.) of your novels, you are one of my literary heroes. Your prose is sharp, witty, and always poignant. You capture society so well and it seems relevant even though you’re writing about people from hundreds of years ago.

I will always want to re-read your novels, re-watch the adaptations, and recommend your work to everyone. You were a remarkable woman and I hope that we continue to celebrate you.

The Jane Austen Centre in Bath

I visited in the summer. It’s pretty small but worth a look if you’re in the area.

P.S: I lied, I’ve also read her collection of juvenile short stories called Love & Friendship. The characters are ridiculous in the best Austen way. Go and find a copy!

7 Authors I Haven’t Read Yet

1. Neil Gaiman

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He is one of the kings of fantasy and everybody loves him. I’ve heard him speak many times and read one short story by him. There is no way that I won’t adore his work. It’s just a matter of getting them in my hands!

2. Patrick Ness

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I own the first book in the Chaos Walking series and can’t wait to get stuck in. I was spoiled over something a while ago which is probably why I haven’t started it sooner.

3. L.M Montgommery of Anne of Green Gables fame

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I’d never heard of this series until I was a late teenager but I know it was a lot of people’s childhood staple. I love novels like A Little Princess and I,Capture the Castle so this will be right up my street.

4. Catherynne M, Vilante

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The Fairyland series sounds amazing as does her other works. I adore Russian fairy tales and folk lore of which she incorporates beautifully in her books.

5. David Levithan

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I’m already a massive fan of John Green so I want to start with Will Grayson Will Grayson and then maybe Boy Meets Boy. 

6. Markus Zusak

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I finally, finally own The Book Thief which I’ve coveted for several years now. I knew I’d love it but I think I was scared that I wouldn’t love it as much as I want to but with the movie coming out soon I figured that now would be the best time to read it.

7. Margaret Atwood 

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I own The Handmaid’s Tale but just haven’t got around to it yet. I’m pretty sure that I’m going to love it. Atwood is a literature staple and I feel like it would be wrong not to give at least one of her books a go anyway.

This idea is from Ariel Bissett on Youtube. Go check her out!

My Bookmark Collection!

I was recently looking for a bookmark to use for the new book I was about to start (after using a train ticket for the last one) and realised that almost all of them are either Harry Potter or wolf related. And that I have a thing for holographic bookmarks.

I’d thought I’d show you my collection because I love looking at other people’s. It’s always really interesting to see where they got them from.


I got Harry and Hermione and Ron when the last two movies were coming out and then Voldemort for my birthday.


The one on the left I got for free when I bought some things from the Harry Potter Studio Tour when I bought some stuff from the gift shop. The other two are pull-outs from sticker albums.


These used to be sold in W.H. Smith’s when each movie got released but they stopped doing it after Goblet of Fire for some reason which is really sad. These are my favourites.

The second bookmark looks really weird because the camera captured Hermione’s smile as well as Harry.


I can’t remember where I got this one from. The book is the second volume of the Promethea comic for anybody wondering.


Out of the many bookmarks I own I decided to use a Kit-Kat wrapper for this. Typical. I feel like Lewis Carroll would approve though.


Another non-HP bookmark. I tend to use this for the book that I carry around in my bag and take to work because it’s magnetic so it won’t fall out.


This is currently being borrowed by my sister and I made her use the matching bookmark.


And finally… wolves! I have another one too which is beautiful. It has a grey wolf walking towards you through a snow covered forest.I found it in a little shop in Ibiza ironically. I adore it but it’s missing unfortunately.

If you make a post about your collection please let me know, I’d love to see it!