Hermione Granger and the time J.K Rowling decided I’d married the wrong man.

Yesterday I found out about the interview Emma Watson did with J.K Rowling for Wonderland magazine which Emma guest edited this week. I’m always excited for new Harry Potter news but I, and many other fans, have been deeply disappointed by the revelation that came out of it.

J.K Rowling has revealed that she thinks that Hermione should have ended up with Harry and not Ron. I vigorously disagree. Throughout the books you can see how the Trio’s relationships develop with each other and they are very different as they rely on each other for different things. ( Harry needs Hermione for perspective, Hermione needs Harry to treat her as an equal, Harry needs Ron to feel normal and part of a family, Ron needs Harry to feel special and an individual, Ron needs Hermione to grow, and Hermione needs Ron for perspective and to let go sometimes.)

Within the books there is never an inkling of romance between Harry and Hermione because Rowling wrote it like that. One of my favourite things about this series is that it didn’t follow the trope of the hero ending up with his best friend. It was nice to see that they could have such a strong friendship that never led to them wanting to make out with each other. Harry even told Ron that he saw Hermione as a sister which just intensifies their relationship. Harry didn’t need Hermione to be in love with him, he just wanted to be loved by her and Ron. To be part of a family.

Most people think that Ron isn’t deserving of Hermione and maybe they’re right but she still chose him. Just because Harry is “the hero” doesn’t mean that he deserves her either, he can be just as grumpy, selfish, and idiotic as Ron. I think the point I’m trying to make is that Hermione is not a prize and I’m disappointed that Rowling felt that she should have been rewarded by ending up with Harry.

P.S: This isn’t the best written post but I just wanted to share my opinion. I don’t want to put down people who ship Harry with Hermione, this is just my view.

2 thoughts on “Hermione Granger and the time J.K Rowling decided I’d married the wrong man.

  1. ttwardrobe

    I TOTALLY agree with you! I loved Ron and Hermione together and I think some of the magic of the trio would have been lost if Rowling had predictably lumped Harry and Hermione together, and effectively made future-Ron redundant. I loved the trio’s dynamic and it was so refreshing to see a close male/female relationship develop across the seven books free from romance.

    For me, Ron keeps Hermione grounded and they support each other in their strengths – granted he isn’t her intellectual equal but he stops her taking herself too seriously. Just think how serious and potentially arrogant a coupling of H+H would have been – top of the year and the Chosen One, power couple indeed!

  2. shhitsalibrary Post author

    Exactly! Oh God, yeah- they would have been unbearable! Plus this invalidates Harry’s relationship with Ginny which I think was a huge turning point in character development for Harry. Plus I just think that they were really good for each other.


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