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Book Jar


In keeping with my goal to read as many books that I already own as possible this year I decided to make a book jar. I thought they were really cute and a great idea when everyone was making them last year but I had never gotten around to it. My idea is to pick a book out of the jar every month so at least one of the books I own gets read every month. I’m making it sound as if I’m always buying loads of books which I’m not but there are hundreds of books out there that I don’t own and would love to read and my room can only hold so many at a time!


Saying that though I am not placing myself on a book buying ban and in fact there will be a haul or two coming up soon. The aim of this project is simply to be aware of what I own and to make sure they are all books I’m actually interested in reading as a few of them having been on my shelves untouched for a while now, I think I must be going through a weird nesting stage where I want my living space to look perfect and for everything to have a purpose. Perhaps it is an early twenties thing as I’ve noticed that a lot of people around the same age as me are doing the same thing.

I’m also hoping this will encourage me to get through more novels a month as lately I’ve been really slow and only finishing one. I’d like to up that to at least three or four. Do you have any other ideas to motivate me to read tons of books this year? If so let me know!