My Bookmark Collection!

I was recently looking for a bookmark to use for the new book I was about to start (after using a train ticket for the last one) and realised that almost all of them are either Harry Potter or wolf related. And that I have a thing for holographic bookmarks.

I’d thought I’d show you my collection because I love looking at other people’s. It’s always really interesting to see where they got them from.


I got Harry and Hermione and Ron when the last two movies were coming out and then Voldemort for my birthday.


The one on the left I got for free when I bought some things from the Harry Potter Studio Tour when I bought some stuff from the gift shop. The other two are pull-outs from sticker albums.


These used to be sold in W.H. Smith’s when each movie got released but they stopped doing it after Goblet of Fire for some reason which is really sad. These are my favourites.

The second bookmark looks really weird because the camera captured Hermione’s smile as well as Harry.


I can’t remember where I got this one from. The book is the second volume of the Promethea comic for anybody wondering.


Out of the many bookmarks I own I decided to use a Kit-Kat wrapper for this. Typical. I feel like Lewis Carroll would approve though.


Another non-HP bookmark. I tend to use this for the book that I carry around in my bag and take to work because it’s magnetic so it won’t fall out.


This is currently being borrowed by my sister and I made her use the matching bookmark.


And finally… wolves! I have another one too which is beautiful. It has a grey wolf walking towards you through a snow covered forest.I found it in a little shop in Ibiza ironically. I adore it but it’s missing unfortunately.

If you make a post about your collection please let me know, I’d love to see it!

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