Review: Vengeance Is Mine Inc by Roald Dahl (World Book Night 2014)


This year was the first time that I participated as a Book Giver for World Book Night and I really enjoyed it. I ended up giving them out in a town that I wasn’t really familiar with as I was visiting my boyfriend at his university on April 23rd which was the official date. That actually made it quite interesting as it meant that I got to wander around looking for perfect spots to leave books. Most of the books had to be left in university buildings in the end as it started to drizzle with rain a little bit. I hope the others found good homes quickly!

A lot of the books that were on offer to choose to give out were unfamiliar to me so I picked Vengeance Is Mine Inc. by Roald Dahl as he is one of my favourite childhood authors. I’d not read any of his work for an adult audience before so I was really intrigued to see how his dark humour and magical writing transferred to his adult work. I ended up enjoying all of the short stories to various degrees but his children’s stories, in my opinion, are much superior to them.

The title story Vengeance is Mine Inc. is set in New York and is about two friends who after realising how completely broke they are, come up with a get rich scheme that actually works. Claude decides that there is a market for offering themselves to get revenge on slanderous newspaper gossip columnists on behalf of the society darlings who have been embarrassed by them. George, his roommate, jumps on the idea straight away and the next morning they go out to get business cards printed. The plot is just silly but in an endearing sort of way in that it is so far-fetched that only Dahl would tell it as a straight story. I did feel that it went a little too perfectly and too quickly to be realistic (although the plot isn’t exactly realistic anyway) and it wrapped up very suddenly. There’s no denying that it wasn’t enjoyable though.


Claude and George’s business card. I love little touches like that.


I love that they explicitly state that the snake won’t have any venom. Murder is a touch too far for them.

Skin is probably the most famous of his short stories so I was glad that it had been included in this collection as I’d wanted to read it for a while. This one was the creepiest by far as it discussed the idea of whether a material object of worth is more valuable than a human life. It is set in April 1946 in Paris where is still very wintry and an old man called Drioli comes across a portrait gallery featuring the works of an artist that he used to know. Drioli, many years ago, convinced the artist to tattoo a portrait of his wife (who the artist is also in love with) on his back after showing him how it is done. After losing touch with each other because of WW1 he discovers many years later that the artist’s work is now famous and well sought after. The art dealers inside the gallery at first want to chuck him out as he looks homeless and is spoiling the atmosphere of sophistication that they have created but they soon change their tune when Drioli reveals his tattoo. After that the art dealers become very grotesque and disturbing. Practically salivating at all the money that they hope to make out of him and fighting over who gets to have the tattoo. I loved the slow build-up so it felt very sudden in the last few paragraphs. Although it kind of worked as it reflected the confusion of what was happening to him.

Some of the stories such as William and Mary and The Sound Machine didn’t quite work for me but I think that’s because they are quite dated. They read as dodgy ’60’s science fiction which I don’t think translates as well when read as they do in movies (I love b-movies) so perhaps that lessened the charm for me. William and Mary explores immortality and whether it is both attainable and worth it whilst also dealing with a troubled marriage (at least in Mary’s opinion.) So the basic idea is that a professor at Cambridge is dying of cancer in a hospital and is approached by a doctor who wants to take his brain when he dies and use it to see whether his brain can still be engaged with. Dahl uses a lot of medical language to try to convince the reader but it fell flat for me. William goes from being utterly disgusted to enthusiastically on board with the idea rather quickly which added to the problems that I had with it. It also meandered into Mary wanting to punish William after he was just the brain for all of the grievances he put her through; I liked this portion of the  story a lot more but it felt a bit out of place and more of a sort of add on.The Sound Machine was a lot more cohesive but it felt quite weak compared to some of the other stories. The premise is that a man called Klausner has invented a sound machine which can pick up the sounds of pain plants make when they are being plucked so he goes out one morning to test what trees sound like when being axed. The sound the tree makes is so horrific that he makes his doctor try to fix the tree while seemingly threatening the doctor with the axe. It’s an interesting idea but something about it was just off.

My second favourite story was Royal Jelly which was the first that if I read it without a name attached I could guess as a work of Dahl. This one definitely reflected his personality shown through his children’s books which is possibly why I enjoyed it so much. It tells the story of Mable and Albert Taylor who are worried about the fact that their baby girl isn’t feeding. I don’t want to ruin what happens because the unfolding of it is brilliant and very creepy so all I’ll say is that Albert comes up with a plan involving his love of bees with horrific effects. I really hope that this was dramatised in Dahl’s t.v series Tales of the Unexpected!

The Great Automatic Grammatizator is my favourite. The title of it screams Dahl and this is where he shines the most. Adolf Knipe is a genius who works at a company who because of him have made lots of money from the invention of a mathematical machine and while proud, Knipe has a secret desire of being a writer instead. Unfortunately for him all of his stories are rubbish and are all rejected by publishers so he decides to get revenge by inventing a machine that can write stories so that he can become a famous writer and monopolise the publishing business. It sounds ridiculous but you just go with it and it’s such a fun story.

This bit made me laugh out loud so I’d like to share it with you:” “…For example, there’s a trick that nearly every writer uses, of inserting at least one long, obscure word into each story. This makes the reader think that the man is very wise and clever. There’ll be a whole stack of long words stored away just for this purpose.”


“In the “word memory” section,” he said, epexegetically.” ” 

I’ve not talked about all of the stories that were in this collection and it seems like it was made especially for World Book Night so it is not on Goodreads. If you want to find out more then I recommend that you look at The Complete Collected Short Stories of which there are two volumes or Tales of the Unexpected which contains a lot of his most famous short stories.

If you have read any of his adult work before, what did you think? I still much prefer his children’s work and wasn’t overly impressed with this collection but let me know if there is a particular story that you think will change my mind.

World Book Night takes place every year and if you’d like to find out about it and possibly take part then click here.The books are provided to you for free and the idea is for you to give them out or leave them in places for people to find in order to get those who don’t normally read for whatever reason to pick something up. I’m definitely going to sign up again next year and I’ve got one of my friends excited to do it next year as well!



New Harry Potter Covers!

On the 1st September (when else would you be going back to Hogwarts?) a new set of the HP books will be released with brand new cover illustrations by Jonny Duddle. As well as that there will be an updated version of J.K Rowling’s biography as well as snippets from Pottermore.

So far only Philosopher’s Stone has been revealed and I really like it. I think that it captures the essence of the book really well and I’m glad that they chose the boat scene where Harry sees Hogwarts for the first time as it is very powerful. It will also re-create the excitement that we felt when we first delved into that awe-inspiring world and do the same for the next generation of fans.

What do you think?

Reading Updates: January 2014

Now I’m never going to be one to have finished eight books in a month (apart from August when all I do on holiday is binge read by the pool) but I thought it would be nice to record how/what I read monthly. I’m really interested to see if there is a pattern or if particular months influence what I read because of the weather especially as I know that I tend to read by mood. So without further ado, this is what was consumed this month!


 I Heart Christmas by Lindsey Kelk


Angela Clark is essentially a grown-up Georgia Nicholson who moves to New York. She’s messy, clumsy, and all-round brilliant. I would not recommend reading this in public unless you want weird looks on the train from the business people with their laptops out while you’re laughing your head off opposite them.

I’m not going to write a synopsis of this as it is the sixth in a series, but seriously check it out! I didn’t think that I was going to like it as I tend to find books about girls going shopping and boy-drama a bit boring but I really love these books.

The friendships between the women are all great and balanced, the romance is never soppy or cheesy, and Angela is a fully rounded character so she never comes across as an empty cardboard cut-out that I’ve found with a lot of protagonists from “chick lit” (which is a term that I hate.) Most of the story in the whole series is about these women changing the things in their lives that they don’t like be it their careers, family problems, or their relationships, all with the support of each other. I really like that there is never any frenemies or backstabbing, it’s a realistic portrayal of friendships between adults.

Let It Snow


Anything John Green touches is gold to me. I just thought you should know how incredibly biased I am towards his work before we continue.

Let it Snow is a compilation of three stories, each written by a different author. Maureen Johnson takes the first one which introduces us to Jubilee (she knows) who is sent off to her grandparents’ on Christmas Eve after her parents are arrested in a Flobie Christmas ornament riot. When the train breaks down in Gracetown due to a blizzard Jubilee meets some of the residents who kick off the other stories.

I’ve not read anything by Maureen Johnson apart from this which has made me more eager to pick up her Shades of London series. The same goes for Lauren Myracle who I haven’t read either, will have to see if I enjoy any of her solo work.

Her story is about Addie who is told by all her friends that she is too self-absorbed. To prove otherwise she takes it upon herself to collect her best friend’s new teacup pig from the pet store, and along the way she learns to become a better person. This was my least favourite as it seemed to be aimed at a younger audience than the other two which jarred it a bit. I also didn’t like the obvious “swearing is bad” preach that was put in. I did like how she wrapped up the stories though, it was a nice touch and because the book is set at Christmas it wasn’t cheesy.

John Green’s story was really funny and had great characters. He knows how to write realistic teenagers and never resorts to stereotype, although this story is about two boys desperately trying to get to the Waffle House which is full of cheerleaders whilst dragging along their best friend Angie (also known as The Duke) so perhaps this isn’t the best example! I really enjoyed the way the characters interacted and the romance was sweet and awkward which was perfect.

Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares


This was the first David Leviathan book that I read and to be honest it made me unsure that I’d like any of his other work but I have since read Will Grayson, Will Grayson which I really enjoyed so don’t let that put you off. I have not read any of Rachel Cohn’s work but I do want to read Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist at some point.

This book was cute but I did find it a bit annoying at times. Lily came off as being very young and even though she became more independent by the end of the story she still didn’t seem ready for a relationship. Dash, on the other hand, was very good at pretending to be an adult whilst it was obvious that he needed an adult in his life to notice how lonely he was. Another thing that bugged me, but other readers may like, was the metaphor (I use that word lightly) of Dash being like Holden Caulfield. He even wears a deerstalker hat at one point.

It did make me laugh a couple of times but little things about the writing style, and the whole YA “Where are the parents?” trope got on my nerves.



What did you read read this month?

Hot Topic Disney Collection

So, I’ve decided that this blog won’t exclusively be about books because I have lots of other things that I’d like to share. It will mostly be about books though, because books.

Last night I was reading a blog post about alternatives to Black Milk leggings which as the author pointed out are beautiful but quite pricey. This led me to look at the Hot Topic website where I discovered these gems:

Disney Beauty And The Beast Stained Glass Dress

I’m completely in love with this dress. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favourites and I really like that they chose the stained glass window as a design. Unfortunately, it’s currently sold out but I’m really hoping they’ll restock it soon.

Disney Alice In Wonderland Spoon Tank TopDisney Alice In Wonderland Croquet Crew Pullover

The jumper is quite “hipster-y” as my sister would call it. She says that most people wear things to be ironic whereas I just wear it because I like it, such as my Lady & the Tramp jumper that I got from H&M. But, whatever. I’m even more excited about this jumper as it reminds me of the collection that Forever 21 did a couple of years ago that I missed out on.

Disney The Little Mermaid Ariel And Eric Kiss Girls Tank TopDisney Lady And The Tramp Girls Tank Top

I love the shape of these tanks, they looks like they’re quite floaty in the way they fall which is nice instead of them being clingy. Especially because they’re partly made of spandex.

Disney LiloDisney Six Princesses Girls T-Shirt

I usually wear t-shirts so these would probably get the most wear. I’m really glad that they included Stitch in their collection as you don’t often find clothes with him or Lilo on them. This t-shirt is super adorable and kind of looks like me when I attempt to be social.

There is another version (link it) of the Princess t-shirt but I prefer this one. I love the tfios-ish colour and would be a nice step away from the neutral colour palette that I tend to stick to for some reason.

What do you think? Too much Disney? (There can never too much Disney) Let me know of any other websites/stores/collections I should look at!

Hermione Granger and the time J.K Rowling decided I’d married the wrong man.

Yesterday I found out about the interview Emma Watson did with J.K Rowling for Wonderland magazine which Emma guest edited this week. I’m always excited for new Harry Potter news but I, and many other fans, have been deeply disappointed by the revelation that came out of it.

J.K Rowling has revealed that she thinks that Hermione should have ended up with Harry and not Ron. I vigorously disagree. Throughout the books you can see how the Trio’s relationships develop with each other and they are very different as they rely on each other for different things. ( Harry needs Hermione for perspective, Hermione needs Harry to treat her as an equal, Harry needs Ron to feel normal and part of a family, Ron needs Harry to feel special and an individual, Ron needs Hermione to grow, and Hermione needs Ron for perspective and to let go sometimes.)

Within the books there is never an inkling of romance between Harry and Hermione because Rowling wrote it like that. One of my favourite things about this series is that it didn’t follow the trope of the hero ending up with his best friend. It was nice to see that they could have such a strong friendship that never led to them wanting to make out with each other. Harry even told Ron that he saw Hermione as a sister which just intensifies their relationship. Harry didn’t need Hermione to be in love with him, he just wanted to be loved by her and Ron. To be part of a family.

Most people think that Ron isn’t deserving of Hermione and maybe they’re right but she still chose him. Just because Harry is “the hero” doesn’t mean that he deserves her either, he can be just as grumpy, selfish, and idiotic as Ron. I think the point I’m trying to make is that Hermione is not a prize and I’m disappointed that Rowling felt that she should have been rewarded by ending up with Harry.

P.S: This isn’t the best written post but I just wanted to share my opinion. I don’t want to put down people who ship Harry with Hermione, this is just my view.

Dear Jane Austen,

Happy Birthday!

Despite only having read two (possibly three, not sure if I finished Sense & Sensibility or I just know the movie really well… Will have to re-read.) of your novels, you are one of my literary heroes. Your prose is sharp, witty, and always poignant. You capture society so well and it seems relevant even though you’re writing about people from hundreds of years ago.

I will always want to re-read your novels, re-watch the adaptations, and recommend your work to everyone. You were a remarkable woman and I hope that we continue to celebrate you.

The Jane Austen Centre in Bath

I visited in the summer. It’s pretty small but worth a look if you’re in the area.

P.S: I lied, I’ve also read her collection of juvenile short stories called Love & Friendship. The characters are ridiculous in the best Austen way. Go and find a copy!

The Lake District

I wasn’t going to post about this but yesterday I discovered a post by The Book Snob (which is a wonderful blog btw) of her travels to the Peak District and it made me want to share my own trip.

This trip took place at the beginning of September with my boyfriend, his Mum, his sister and her boyfriend. It was my first holiday without my family and my first ever walking holiday. I hate sports so I was expecting to really struggle and I did at the start but I absolutely loved it.


This was the view from my room. I actually got to wake up every day for a week and look at this.



The little island at the front had a house on it owned by The National Trust that you could only visit once a year. I would love to be able to see it one day.


Day 1 was a bit of a challenge for me even though it was considered an easy walk because I just wasn’t used to it. At one point there was a really steep hill that I found was exhausting to climb but I got there in the end! It was definitely worth it to get to the top and see all of the gorgeous views. All week long my boyfriend and I kept stopping to take photos. I wish I could include them all here but there’s way too many!

This walk led us to a little pebble beach and back through the woods to Keswick which was the little village we were staying at. The village was mostly made up of rented holiday cottages but it was adorable. It had lots of tiny shops that I loved wandering in including a delicious bakery where I bought some carrot cake, a sweet shop with a chocolate counter, and a toy shop that had a gun shop upstairs. Seriously.


I bought a goldfish, a white chocolate hedgehog, crème brûlée, and a lemon cupcake chocolate. They were all delicious and only about £3.60! You can find them here.

The next day we climbed Haystacks. It’s 597 m or 1,958 ft tall (according to Wikipedia) and as someone who is very scared of heights, it was terrifying! It took us about six hours I think and my legs were dead by the end but it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. I challenged myself, I didn’t give up even though it was hard and I was scared, and it was totally worth it.



The white line on the right is the path we took. This was only the beginning!



This where we stopped for lunch.

It absolutely poured with rain as we reached the summit which kind of gave us that final push to reach it. Getting to the top was such a great feeling. The way back down wasn’t the most fun I’ve ever had though- my boyfriend almost led us to our deaths and I may have cried- but it was all okay in the end.


Looking glamorous at the summit.

 The day after as a “rest” (according to my boyfriend) we went on a trail through some woods that had a sculpture park. I personally didn’t think the sculptures were that impressive but I enjoyed it anyway.




I jokingly dared him to climb it and he actually did it. He turned into an excited five year old during this trip. It was adorable.


After the trail we hired a little boat and rowed around for a bit. My boyfriend is scared of water but I had him get in it anyway because all week he was making me conquer my fears. Which is quite nice of him I suppose.



These are the woods that inspired William Wordsworth to write “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” and you can definitely see why from the beauty of it. We also saw his gravestone but it made me feel sad to be there with all the other tourists who were all loud and obnoxious.

Next door just as many people were trying to squeeze themselves into the teeny tiny world famous Grasmere Gingerbread Shop. It’s so delicious, definitely worth a visit.

The day after that I dragged my boyfriend around the village to explore and behind a park there was a manor house which had bunnies roaming the grounds! You could get quite close to them and it was like the scene in Alice in Wonderland when Alice starts following the White Rabbit. It was awesome.





This is the cottage we stayed at. It was beautiful inside and from the living room window you could see blue-tits visiting the garden opposite.

I loved this trip and cannot wait to go back again one day.