World Book Night 2015

This was the second time I’ve given out books for World Book Night and I think I enjoyed it even  more this time. Last year I gave out Vengeance is Mine Inc by Roald Dahl  and this year I had Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. I had more of an idea of where I wanted to leave the books this time and it was really fun to go back to those locations a couple of hours later to see if any had found new homes. Most of them had! I even walked passed someone holding one of them which was really cool.


It may be a strange place to give them out but most of them were left in the cinema. I had put one on top of each of the four ticket machines when I was buying our tickets and when I came back to actually watch the movie two of them had gone so I replaced them. I also left a couple in the women’s bathroom where there is a big surface between the sinks because I knew that a lot of people would see them in there. That’s where I saw the woman with one of the books.

I gave six to my Mum to take to her staff room, one to my sister who hardly ever reads but was interested in this one (she’d seen the film), and I’m currently reading one of them but I’ll pass it along to someone else after I’ve finished it.

Water for Elephants wasn’t the one I chose and I didn’t think I was even going to like it but I’m really enjoying it so far. There will be a review when I’m done.

If you were a book giver this year I’d love to hear about how it went. Or if you would like to next year. I would really recommend it. It’s lots of fun and it’s hopefully inspiring people to become readers. And we know how magical that is.

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2 thoughts on “World Book Night 2015

  1. shhitsalibrary Post author

    It’s a great event, I hope you look into it. You apply to a volunteer on their website and they send you 18 copies of one book to give out.

    Also thank you for the nomination!


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