Summer Book Haul! | Book Haul No. 1

So last post I said that I don’t have any money to spend on books, or well on anything and that is still true but I may have spent some anyway. (Shh!) In my defence I haven’t bought any books in ages and these were all on sale or from a charity shop.


I paid £14.95 for all of them except for the two on the end which I think is really good. They’re from the clearance sale at W.H Smiths where each of them were either £2 or £1. These are for good quality non-damaged books!! Seriously, how was I supposed to say “no” to that?!

The Snow Child and When God was a Rabbit were also from W.H Smiths but they were a part of a buy-one-book-full-price-get-one-for-£1 deal. Also completely worth it as these have been on my to-read list for ages!


This is one of the books I got from a charity shop. I love A Little Princess by the same author and I also own The Secret Garden which I haven’t read yet. I do adore the ’90’s movie version though. Both charity shop books were 50p which is pretty good.

Also, is it just me or does the Prince look quite a lot like The Zefron?!


I don’t really know too much about this one but I have been wanted to source out books that contain elements of herbology and this one has that combined with the Salem witch trials. Should be interesting…


This was £1 and written by Stephen Fry’s “wife.” I HAD to get it.


I would have preferred to get this in hardback but it doesn’t matter too much. I love David Mitchell and I hope this is full of stories of him as a child dressing up as various knights, kings and lords.


I picked this one up purely because I’ve heard so much praise for it from many booktubers and bloggers. I want to get into science fiction too so its perfect.


This is supposed to be spectacular so I’m really looking forward to reading it. I’m a massive fan of fairy-tale esque folk-lore and this sounds very intriguing.


This has gotten a lot of attention as well. I love books that centre around siblings growing up together and I’ve got a feeling that there’s something magical about this story.


This one actually came from The Works. They have a deal where you can get three for £5 but I only wanted this one. It was only £2.99! The paper that the cover is made of is gorgeous to touch and everything about it is stunning. I’ve wanted to get my hands on this for a while now so I’m really happy that I finally own it.

Its fairy-tale esque and set in Bolshevik Russia. That excites me to no end as I’m a history nut as well as a fairy-tale fan. Yay!


I’m very happy with this haul as they were all cheap and most of them were on my to-read list. Saying that, I don’t think there will be another one for a while!

What do you think of the books I bought? Let me know which books you have bought this summer too and feel free to direct me to your blog posts!

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