Scavenger Book Hunt


1. Find the oldest book on your shelf

A Garland of Friendship. This was published in 1912 and is a collection of short poetry celebrating friendship.

2. Find a non-YA book

Who Are They. This is a dictionary of famous and influential people throughout history.

3. Find a book that has a closeup of something on it

The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera. My edition has a close-up of a woman applying mascara on the cover.

4. Find a book on your shelf that takes place in the earliest time period

Paradise Lost by John Milton. The story is written in prose, almost like a play and takes place just after God throws Lucifer and his followers out of heaven after they start a war against him. Can’t get any earlier than that!

5. Find a book with a male protagonist

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. The protagonists are George and Lennie who travel America during the Great Depression in search of jobs. Lennie’s learning difficulties get him into a lot of trouble and so George has to look out for him.

6. Find a teal/turquoise colored book

Labyrinth by Kate Mosse. This is a dual narrative of two women; Anais from 1209 and Alice from 2005 who discover secrets about the Holy Grail. This is also the runner up to being set in the earliest time!

7. Find an author’s name or title with the letter Z in it

The Angels Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. David Martin, a writer, is offered the chance to write a book in return for a fortune but he soon discovers that it is not without great danger.


8. Find a book with a girl on the cover

Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. This is one of my favourites and this edition has really charming illustrations by Helen Oxenbury.

9. Find a classic

The Complete Stories of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Everyone knows about Sherlock Holmes even if they’ve never read any of these stories or watched a t.v adaptation or movie.

10. Find a hardcover book without a jacket

Jane Austen- Seven Novels. This is a gorgeous Barnes and Noble Classics edition.

11. Find a book with gold lettering

The Thirteenth Tale by Dianne Setterfield. I’ve had this for a couple of years now but haven’t read it yet, I’ve heard great things about it though.

12. Find a book with a key on it

The Best Book of Indoor Games. This belonged to my Dad and his brother when they were little, I hope they had fun with it!



13. Find a diary (true or fictional)

The Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank. A beautiful writer and a remarkable young girl. Everyone should read this at least once.

14. Find a book with illustrations in it

The End (A Series of Unfortunate Events #13) by Lemony Snicket. This has illustrations for all the chapter headings and a couple more spread throughout. I adore this series.

15. Find a book written by someone with a common name (like Smith)

Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones.

16. Find a book with stars on it

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K Rowling. This is my beloved beat up copy that I used to take with me to Primary School every day.

17.Find a book with only words on it

Generation X by Douglas Coupland. I found this in my hotel in Ibiza last year.

18. Find a book that has an animal in it

The Promised One by David Alric. I met the author in WH Smiths and got it signed. I’d never heard of it before but I really enjoyed it. Alric doesn’t refrain from using “big words” in his writing which shows that he respects his audience. It’s a great story of a girl who can communicate with animals and uses this ability to stop poachers.

19. Find something on your bookshelf that’s not a book

Barbie Gets Married. I got her from McDonald’s when I was little in a Happy Meal.

This is originally a tag from Youtube that was created by TheLibraryofSarah. If you decide to do this please credit her. Also let me know so I can check out your post!

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